Lisnaskea Community Enterprises Ltd (LCEL) is a non-profit taking company with charitable status.

It was established in 1994 following the loss of several hundred jobs in the Lisnaskea area. The company is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors from the local community. The directors sourced funding to build industrial units for rent to local entrepreneurs at affordable prices. We have 25 units of varying sizes on the site in Lisnaskea and the development is known as Lisnaskea Business Complex.

Our Locations

Lisnaskea Business Complex and Lough Head


Established as a non-profit taking company with charitable status


Located within the Business Complex


Paths within Lough Head Park
Objectives of LCEL
  • To promote wellbeing and prosperity in all sections of the community through:
    • the provision of education facilities to promote the development of individual capabilities, skills and understanding.
    • the provision of suitable employment premises and opportunities for all.
    • to promote new and existing businesses, social enterprises and charities to stimulate economic growth through provision of facilities and workspace on favourable terms.
  • The advancement of community development and environmental protection or improvement through the maintenance, improvement or provision of amenities and recreational facilities for the public.

The directors maintain the highest standards in confidentially, respect, efficiency, enthusiasm, development.

The units on site range in size from 500sq ft to 3,000 sq ft. All of the larger units have roller doors as well as pedestrian doors. The smaller units have double doors for access. A further development of four new modular units for use as offices was completed in 2021. The industrial units are in three separate buildings with very generous circulation space for vehicles and parking. The first phase of the development was completed in 1996 and the second and third phases in 2000 and 2005 respectively. The site is secure with a metal perimeter fence and security gate. The entire site is continually monitored by CCTV. In addition to the office and industrial units, LCEL have five industrial sites leased to local businesses. The company is managed by Kieran Kelly who is a fulltime employee.
Other Interests
In 2000 LCEL leased 17 acres of land at the Lough Head, Lisnaskea from Fermanagh District Council and this has been developed into a nature park for the use by the general public. There are 2km of paths within the park. There are also two ponds for pond dipping, seats, picnic benches and an open-air classroom. We have a small children’s outdoor play area which includes an Archimedes screw.  We have a raised wildflower bed and a beautiful painted mural depicting the fauna and flora of the area at the entrance to the park. At the northern end of the site, we have a Garden of Hope sowed with wildflowers. A very diverse fauna and flora exist within the park and we intend to continue to increase this biodiversity even further.
Why come to Lisnaskea Business Complex?
The Business Complex is located ½ mile from Lisnaskea on the A34 Lisnagole Road. It is 3 miles from the A4 leading to Belfast and Enniskillen. It is 12 miles from the Co Monaghan border at Clones. It is ½ hour to Cavan and 2 hours from Dublin. Lisnaskea is a very good business town and we are well located for business within N Ireland. We are also particularly well located for cross border business with Rep of Ireland. Our postal address is 158 Lisnagole Road, Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh, BT92 0QL.